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{CDC RSI Over Bot/Sold 160516}
x2:=OscP(12,26,E,%)<=-3 AND ROC(OscP(12,26,E,%),5,$)=-Sum(Abs(ROC(OscP(12,26,E,%),1,$)),5) OR (x1<=30);
x3:=x2 OR Ref(x2,-1) OR Ref(x2,-2) OR Ref(x2,-3) OR Ref(x2,-4);
x4:=OscP(12,26,E,%)>=3 AND ROC(OscP(12,26,E,%),5,$)=Sum(Abs(ROC(OscP(12,26,E,%),1,$)),5) OR (x1>=70);
x5:=x4 OR Ref(x4,-1) OR Ref(x4,-2) OR Ref(x4,-3) OR Ref(x4,-4);
x6:=BarsSince((x3=0 AND Ref(x3,-1)=1))>3 AND BarsSince((x3=0 AND Ref(x3,-1)=1))<11 AND C>Ref(HHV(C,3),-1);
x7:=BarsSince((x5=0 AND Ref(x5,-1)=1))>3 AND BarsSince((x5=0 AND Ref(x5,-1)=1))<11 AND C<Ref(LLV(C,3),-1);
x1; If(x3,20,30); If(x5,80,70); If(x6,40,48); If(x7,60,52); 30; 70;