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สวัสดีครับ ผมลอง download 32 bit แล้ว แต่ก็ยังขึ้นเหมือนเดิมครับ

Neo CDC Downloader


Code copyright 2011-17 Don Sambandaraksa

UI by Piriya Sambandaraksa

This program uses Nokia’s Qt libraries, licensed under the LGPL.


17 April 2017 – Add crypto currencies. Happy Thai and Lao new year!


5 April 2015 – Windows 8.1 permissions gives me a headache edition

Fixed permission issue in Win 8.1 (??)


17 April 2012 – Let it Be version.


Fixed break from update of Cygwin to 3.0.9


16 June 2011 – Breaking the karmic circle, unplugging one’s self from the Matrix by voting no edition


Initial beta version for paying CDC members


Use your username as the username and email as your password (NOT your CDC password). A proper system will be added when the new website is up and running.


Usernames/passwords are case sensitive (i.e. chAloke is not the same as Chaloke).


Thai usernames do not work. Please contact support for a temporary usename/password to be set up, again, pending the commissioning of the new website.


Major reworking on server side to enable username / password.


Minor UI enhancements


9 May 2011 – Respect.1 Minor update

Fixed “complete” message when there is an error.

Added clause for Error 12 (bad Internet connection to server).


8 May 2011 – Respecting those who teach us edition.

Major UI rewrite.

Add progress bar.

Add directory option.

Fix scroll bug.

Cleanup debug messages.


2 May 2011 – May Day edition.

Minor UI tweaks

Rewrite of download queuing system to allow for two simultaneous downloads.


25 April 2011 – Easter Bunny edition.

Added timer Fixed debug / no checking mode.

Fixed no markets selected error

Fixed auto-create c:\Metastock Data

Fixed error on username/password (instead of password)

Started work on simultaneous downloads – NOT working yet.